how do you like this title, jerkface?

Not you guys.

That title was directed to the charming creature who left a comment containing unsolicited criticism about how bad my post titles are, adding, “I’m not trying to tell you how to run your blog …”

Bitch, please. You so are. And I’ve taken your advice. Now go bugger.

Anyway, to the rest of you who show up for the content, as opposed to the title, hi.

I didn’t want to do another meme-thing straight off, since I walloped you with that shit for five weeks, but, like Inigo Montoya after he killed the six-fingered man, I’m a bit at loose ends right now.

I have no news to report, other than that I finally got off my arse and called my sweet babboo Andy, after several years of only talking to him on Facebook for no reason other than sheer laziness.

Okay, I was busy, but I wasn’t that busy. I just suck, is all.

Fortunately, Andy is well aware of my suckosity, and has forgiven me. Pray gourd I don’t let this friendship fall to the wayside, again.

The only other news, and I am grasping at straws, here, is that I took the Bing Challenge and Google won. Sorry, Bing. The only round Bing wound up taking was the one where I searched for Liam Neeson, and only because the first return was a picture, and he is hot.

Sorry, what was I talking about?

Right. Nothing at all.

Oh, have you seen the Audi commercial with Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto? So cute.

And I think that’s all I have, thus making the title of this post way better than the content, as per my critic’s wishes.


drinking: ice water
listening to: Evanescence, Good Enough
next week: oh, all right then. more badly-titled memes

13 thoughts on “how do you like this title, jerkface?

    • I hate to enter a battle of wits with trolls. It’s like having the only complete set of oil pastels against someone who can barely manage a single crayon.

  1. You’ve once again taken the words out of my…fingers, I guess. (I value my teeth.) Google wins here too. Having a program tell me what it thinks I should be looking for instead of answering my question is stupid. (Kind of like the AT&T “helpless” web pages.)

    • Honestly? Most of the time I don’t use either one. I still like However, I’ve heard they’re going to be closing down, so I figured I’d do worse than to go in with an open mind. I honestly did pick the engine that, in each case, returned the result that I’d be more apt to click first. I still dislike that, unlike Blingo, neither one gives the opportunity to win a sweepstakes. Sometimes, that single daily entry into the Publishers Clearinghouse is the only insurance I have against my future.

  2. “Suckosity” . . . my verbiage continues to increase, O Gourdess Golfwidow, thanks to you, the Bette Midler o’ Blogging.

    That “charming creature” can choke on her/his own suckosity.

    • We also used to say “Podcrapular – brought to you by Fender Amps,” because we were trying to get them to give us one for you. Sorry it didn’t work.

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