credit is not due

So, the Mom credited me with giving her a meme to do, the other day.

Only, I’ve never done that meme.

I feel bad, that she gave me credit for something someone else did. I hate that.

I reckon, the least I can do is get the meme out of the way now, so she can go round telling everyone she’s psychic, borrowing a meme from me a couple of days before I actually did it.

As usual, I’ll be answering the questions in complete sentences, paragraph form, so you can follow along without feeling you’ve been made to read a list.

Also, as usual, you are not tagged. Do, or do not. There is no tag.

(My unborn children are thanking their lucky stars not to have been born, because their mother is a big old geek.)


I do not currently have a cell phone. If you had lost your lucrative job and your home, and your new job is still, after four years, only paying you a fraction of what you used to make, and you had an empiric shitload of medical bills, you’d do whatever you could to avoid another bill. So, in all honesty, the last text I received was from That Man of Mine, and he wanted to know if I needed anything at the store, and it’s way too late for me to respond now, even if I had a phone, because the store he was on his way to was in Connecticut, and we haven’t lived there since 2008.

I never close my bedroom door, neither to sleep nor otherwise. There’s no point. This apartment is miniscule, and closing the door just makes a small space seem smaller. As regards the clutter in my bedroom, no one ever comes inside who does not already live here.

I drink mostly ice water, with coffee a close second, but I do drink an awful lot of tea, both iced and hot. I like my iced tea lightly sweetened, with lemon. I like most hot tea the same way, but I like chai with non-dairy creamer or soy milk, because lemon makes it taste a little bit odd.

My plans for tomorrow include, but are not limited to, going to le Mart du Wal for new shorts that don’t fall down, since it’s getting pretty warm outside; counting out my pills for the week, which I normally do on my days off but was feeling rather lazy; trying out some of my new makeup; washing off the new makeup and going to sleep for a few hours; then putting back on some of the new makeup and going to work.

I hardly know what’s worse to me: dry skin or chapped lips. I have appallingly major troubles with both. However, by making exfoliation my watchword in everything I do, I’m able to keep both problems more or less at bay. Having given it some thought, I’ve got to say that, while I can ignore the scaliness on my face and elbows if nothing is touching them, I’m pretty much always conscious of how badly chapped my lips are. I buy tinted lip balm by the bucket. People just assume I’m super vain, and I let them.

I’d be somewhat surprised if Facebook suddenly started charging for their services, mostly because I think they’re aware that they’d lose a good portion of their users, including me. I’d find some other, free way to communicate with people. As to playing games, I have lots of free apps on my Android, and That Man of Mine plays chess with his dad via email. Facebook has to understand that people would do a lot more of that sort of thing, faced with a choice. The ones who would be willing to pay for the service would soon drop it once they realized that the only thing they had in common with the remaining paying users would be the lighter wallets.

I would rather go to California than Canada on vacation. I have friends and family in California. While I do have a few relatives and friends in Canada (and have never eaten a Nanaimo bar), what I mostly have there are incredibly rude and demanding clients, and I’d just as soon vacation whilst I am vacationing, thank you.

I have not touched my MySpace account in years. I use Facebook and Twitter regularly. I think I have a Tumblr account, but I think I only registered there to post one comment, and I can’t recall having logged in there in years, either. I have a LinkedIn account. I log in once in a while to approve other people wanting to link to me. I don’t remember ever having actually used it to network, myself. I have Klout, but I keep forgetting to check my standings. I use Mindbloom for myself, but, although it’s considered a social medium, none of my friends are registered in it, and I don’t see the point in making friends with any of the other users.

I am currently wearing neither jeans, shorts, sweatpants, nor pajama pants. I’m wearing my Black Knightshirt. It says, quite specifically, that it’s only a flesh wound … my favorite line both from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Taken.

If I were to change lives for one day with the last person I texted, there’d be a whole lot of baseball card throwing out going on.

I’m trying to think to whom I last told a secret. I don’t keep secrets from That Man of Mine, as such, but I don’t tell him secrets about other people, either, because he can’t keep a secret. I’m thinking it was probably Andy, but I don’t remember what the secret was, so if he tells, I’m guessing it’s no big deal.

At the moment, I’m listening to a playlist I put together at the casino last week. I was too broke to play, and it was too early for the lunch buffet, so, for fun, I used my Android notebook app to make a list of the songs that were playing on the casino sound system. When I got home, I looked up all the songs and put them in one playlist. I do what I can to amuse myself.

The last place I fell asleep, other than my bed, was in the car on the way home from work the other day. If you’re wigging out right now, that means you aren’t paying attention, because we’ve only got the one car and That Man was driving. All my napping took place in the shotgun seat.

I think the one person to whom I will always be attached is my grandfather. I lost him thirty-five years ago, and I only had him for about seven. I still feel he knew me better than anyone. He certainly loved me madly, and I him.

I will almost certainly not be attending any concerts this year unless someone other than That Man is driving and paying. He hates the kind of music I love, and when we do agree on music (opera, for instance, or chamber music), we cannot afford tickets.

I always wanted to believe in karma, but the first (and so far, only) time I’ve ever actually borne witness to it in action, with relation to myself, was the time that the HR woman who screwed up my unemployment wound up getting laid off herself. (While I would never have wished that upon her, or anyone, I was still angry enough about her clerical mistake that my first thought was “neener.”) However, I will always love that line from the movie Dead Again: “It’s the Karma Credit Plan. Buy now, pay forever.”


drinking: ice water
listening to: Ke$ha, Die Young
next question for the mom: can you pick me some lottery numbers?

6 thoughts on “credit is not due

    • Go ahead. I stole it first. It’s from Dead Again, a gorgeous film noir from the Golden Age of Kenneth Branagh. The Karma Credit Plan line was delivered by, of all people, Robin Williams.

  1. GW: I for one wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook started charging, and as far as the changes to Blogging, there are many names (including mutual friends) who are missing here. I guess we are holdouts. Funny enough, I remember the first time I posted on your site years ago, I thought that you had to be British! “The Ministry” had me thinking along the lines of 10 Downing Street. How fun!

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