feeling cupid

Well, I have pernicious anemia, which is completely awesome, because not only does it explain my wonky lymph nodes, which means, yay, no lymphoma (at least, so far), but it also sounds like “Vermicious Knids,” and going from “wonky” to Wonka is a tremendous relief and exceedingly cool.

I have to have B12 shots every eight weeks, but, for now, no more infusions, which news is also yaytastic.

Other than that, nothing much. I am the reigning queen of overtime, I bought three more pairs of pants in non-plus sizes (does that render me nonplussed?), and I have voted for Chicken and Waffles to be Lay’s new chip flavor.

That Man of Mine voted for Cheesy Garlic Bread flavor.

Yes, this marriage will last, but if his chips win, he can kiss kissing goodbye.

I got perfume for Valentine’s Day. I presume he’s not telling me I smell funny.

We went to Fresh Kabob for lunch, and while you are saying that this is so not romantic, it was not busy and the food is amazing.

In fact, it would have been ever so romantic, had I been with someone who didn’t insist upon stealing from my plate.

But he cares. He refrained from farting till we were back in the car.

I’m thinking, maybe next year, instead of perfume, he should get me air freshener.

drinking: ice water
watching: this thing about comets on history channel
wishing: not to be allergic to chocolate on valentine’s day

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10 thoughts on “feeling cupid

  1. A diagnosis — what a relief! Especially since it’s fixable and has been for some time. (The early treatment was a diet high in liver; I’m not sure liver is all that safe these days.) Ahem.

    • It was. One of my coworkers was boasting that her boyfriend had wanted to buy her a car for Valentine’s Day, and I was jealous for one second. Then I said to myself, “Self, That Man wanted to buy me perfume, and I actually got perfume. That’s the difference between me and her.”

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