malpractice makes perfect

So, that was the quickest trip down the Lyrica path that I think anyone’s ever taken.

Little adverse reaction, there.

Fortunately, I didn’t hurt anyone, including myself.

But I came damned close to reaching through the phone and ripping out the throat of a client, which is generally frowned upon, according to the company handbook.

It seems so incongruous. Lyrica is such a pretty, fluid name. Savella wasn’t a bad name, either, come to that. Neither should have done such ugly things to me.

Anyway, I have to build back up to my old dosage of Neurontin, which is an ugly name, but all it ever did was make me stupid. Stupid and harmless I can handle.

I also took a needless trip to the endocrinologist, in that the lab sent her the results from the rheumatologist, who is seriously hot, tall, and Irish, so I tend to pay closer attention to him than to my short, North African, female endocrinologist, and, oh, sorry, got sidetracked by the tall Irishness yet again.


Oh, right.

Lab fucked up.

I had to go get stuck again, and I can see the endocrinologist in a couple of weeks, by which time the lab should have figured out that I am not some craycray maso chick who likes getting stuck for shits ‘n’ giggles.

I only do it ‘cos my various and sundry doctors are craycray sado chicks (and, in the case of Tall Hot Irish, pricks).

Speaking of getting stuck, my epidural got postponed until further notice, on account of a drug recall.

What the blue fuckity-fuck, as my grandfather never said, partly because he didn’t use that kind of language, but mostly because he was colorblind.

Also, I would like to thank anyone and everyone who has contributed to my not getting evicted (yes, That Man of Mine is a big fat loser temporarily unemployed at the moment) and also the kind soul who donated to me a packet of much unnecessary but incredibly delicious Candy Corn Oreos, and whose brilliant idea was that, I would very much like to know.

I believe I will just say “fuck it” and do a meme next week. However, I did write this whole post on my Android (thank you again, GolfBrother), and I think that ought to count for something.


drinking: ice water
listening to: Pat Benatar, Wuthering Heights
my vote: without getting all political, i ain’t voting for anyone with a vendetta against muppets

9 thoughts on “malpractice makes perfect

      • I started to say something about waving Liam Neeson’s wand at you but decided that would just be tacky. Hope you’re feeling better and that someone, sooner or later, figures out why your body had decided to play Red Baron on you. It’s time the Red Baron put away the machine guns and settle down so you can enjoy your life.

  1. I’m sorry that Lyrica didn’t work for you. A switch to Savella here, while not driving anyone crazy, simply does not relieve the pain as well. If that epidural is the same one we’ve been reading about, I am thrilled that the recall came through before they stuck you.

    Big Bird, incidentally, said he went to bed early and never heard the debates. He’s a lot smarter than you think.

    • I saw what Big Bird said. I follow him on Twitter. Of course. Follow That Bird and all that.

      Savella didn’t help my pain either. I’ve yet to find anyone for whom it did help. It did make me very pukey.

  2. Medications can just make you crazy. I’m on a cocktail now that if I didn’t have my pill box to keep me organized, I don’t know what I would do. I’m glad you didn’t get the epidural. Stuff like this is pretty scary. May all your pain flow down the drain.

    • I love my pillbox. I actually have two … one for ‘scrips and one for supplements, which are too huge to fit into the regular-sized compartments.

  3. Sending you (((HUGS))) to feel better, GW. I too was going to mention Liam Neeson, whom I remember from “Nell”. My Dental Hygenist is a hot number. Too bad she’s happily married. So, much for these Medical Professionals who torture us with needles or their looks — making me a “dental case”, I guess. They can also heal and I am hoping for all good things for you! :)

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